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12/11/10 09:13 pm

The rain stopped so when I got to Pastoria I stopped by the Great Marsh. It was really muddy and gross, I didn't stay long, but I did manage to capture a Azurill! They're so cute!! And like, the only Pokemon I can draw. If you can't draw circles, you need help.

I made it home around 2pm. Mom had lunch ready. Nothing like good ol' PB&J to make you feel like a kid again and forget about your troubles. We went down to the beach after, and Mom thought Azurill was the cutest thing ever. It's still a baby and can't swim very well, so it played in the surf with Mom as I swam with Empoleon.

The day was going by really smoothly and everything until we went back home for dinner. Mom told me she partly agreed with Byron. She'd be sad to see me go to a far away place like Unova, but at the same time thinks it will help me grow and mature.

I was frustrated and ran out of the house. Aggron who was outside sunbathing followed after me and lifted me onto her shoulders. The sun was setting and I could see the pain on her face. She was sad that I wasn't happy, I could tell. I pet the bridge of her nose and her face softened. I looked up into the sky, the stars starting to shine and smiled.

Everyone was right, I'm a star trainer and need to start out on a new journey.

We went home and I apologized to my mom. I decided that I was gonna go to Unova. Mom said she was proud of me that I was finally becoming an adult.

So I left the cutie, Azurill, with Mom. The Eevee egg will be coming with me on my journey, as will my four best friends. I wouldn't know what to do without them.

12/10/10 05:12 pm

I'm on a break from the Gym these next few weeks. It's been a stressful few days. Byron keeps telling me I need to move on from the Gym, that I've even began to make it more difficult for new challengers to even make it to a battle against him. I can't help it if they're weak sauce! Riley even started to get on my case about it when I went to Iron Island. I can't take this anymore.

So I decided to leave Canalave behind for this break and head back home to Sunyshore. I haven't seem my mother in awhile, and I really do miss shopping at the market. I'm almost home, but I had to stop and rest for the night in Hearthome. There is a bad storm in Pastoria, and the last thing I need is to be rained on to go with my crappy mood.

Lucario seems to be affected worst by my mood. His ability to pick up on my Aura seems to make him feel like how I am. That's not fair to him :\ I've got to try to be happier, if only for my Pokemon.

Since I was in Hearthome anyway I stopped by to see Bebe. She is always buried under piles and towers of books in that little house of hers. I love visiting her, and always try to stop by on my way back to Sunyshore. She started breeding Eevees, and gave me an Egg! I haven't had an egg since the one Riley gave me containing Riolu. I'm excited, but don't know what I'm going to do once it hatches, Eevee doesn't have a Steel evolution! Maybe I'll leave her with Mom, she has been lonely lately since Dad passed away.

Well, the PokeCenter is going to close down for the night, I might as well log out and head to my room!

12/10/10 04:49 pm - OOC / Trainer Stats

Name; Shayli Ryou
Age; 18
Hometown; Sunyshore City
Current Location; Canalave City

Class; Trainer
Starter; Piplup
Current Team; Empoleon, Lucario, Aggron & Bronzong
Strategy All out offensive attack

Hobbies; Shopping at the Sunyshore Market, Swimming with Empoleon, Exploring Iron and Fullmoon Islands
Occupation; Top Trainer at Canalave City Gym
Accomplishments; Defeated Sinnoh League
Lucky Charm; Cresselia Feather
Fears; The unknown, never has left the comfort of Sinnoh. Currently contemplating traveling to Unova

(♂) [ Psychic | Aura Sphere | Dragon Pulse | Dark Pulse ]
(♀) [ Metal Burst | Take Down | Metal Claw | Earthquake ]
(♂) [ Surf | Flash Cannon | Aerial Ace | Ice Beam ]
( ) [ Zen Headbutt | Charge Beam | Gyro Ball | Payback ]
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