Shayli Ryou (shaylii) wrote,
Shayli Ryou

OOC / Trainer Stats

Name; Shayli Ryou
Age; 18
Hometown; Sunyshore City
Current Location; Canalave City

Class; Trainer
Starter; Piplup
Current Team; Empoleon, Lucario, Aggron & Bronzong
Strategy All out offensive attack

Hobbies; Shopping at the Sunyshore Market, Swimming with Empoleon, Exploring Iron and Fullmoon Islands
Occupation; Top Trainer at Canalave City Gym
Accomplishments; Defeated Sinnoh League
Lucky Charm; Cresselia Feather
Fears; The unknown, never has left the comfort of Sinnoh. Currently contemplating traveling to Unova

(♂) [ Psychic | Aura Sphere | Dragon Pulse | Dark Pulse ]
(♀) [ Metal Burst | Take Down | Metal Claw | Earthquake ]
(♂) [ Surf | Flash Cannon | Aerial Ace | Ice Beam ]
( ) [ Zen Headbutt | Charge Beam | Gyro Ball | Payback ]
Tags: ooc, trainer stats
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